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St. Bernard Parish. Net - An online guide to living in or visiting St. Bernard Parish

Welcome to St. Bernard Parish Net an online guide to living in or visiting St. Bernard Parish

Welcome to a place with a rich heritage and tradition that maintains it's sense of community and small town charm on the edge of the city.  Whether you're a visitor or a local looking for information on St. Bernard's  attractions, history,  entertainment, government, shopping or  services, you'll find it inside.  Come on in and discover all St. Bernard Parish has to offer. 
On August, 29, 2005  Hurricane Katrina pushed the marsh and the Gulf of Mexico in like a funnel through the Mississippi Gulf Outlet drowning every structure in St. Bernard in up to twelve feet of marsh muck that did not recede for nearly two weeks.  It left a community of 67,000 people in over 27,000 households an empty shell in what used to be weeks before a vibrant productive community.  Although many of it's citizens are gallantly attempting to repopulate the area the population it remains well below its pre-storm population.
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